Meet The Brices

Our mission is to provide community empowerment, bring attention to social causes and encourage positive change for the next generation.  This is our way of giving back to our community. 

Founders of The Experience Movement 

Annual MuzikFest

Music that Heals

Berklee City Music Partnership

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The Living Room Grand Opening

Dena Brice

Dena Brice is a highly sought after vocalist, Psalmist, and Preacher. Dena has been anointed to preach and minister to the masses. Her voice commands rooms while her spirit ministers to the hearts of the people through every note and every word.

Eric Brice

Eric Brice is an accomplished session guitarist, arranger, producer, and engineer. Eric has over three decades of notable and respected works. Eric’s passoionate playing style evokes emotion and call’s the audience to action.